The institution of Anton Martin Slomšek was founded in 1995 with the purpose to establish the grammar school Škofijska gimnazija Antona Slomška under its auspices. The institution of Anton Martin Slomšek contains several organisational units for achieving its purpose: the grammar school AMS, a Montessori nursery school, the residence hall for students AMS, the music school Glasbena in baletna šola AMS and an Intergenerational academy and they all operate according to the authoritative programmes.

The institution's purpose is to provide a safe and quality residence for the family members of the population's active generations, meaning for preschool children, for students in the process of education or those who are no longer completely independent due to their old age. The co-existence within the institution means the interchange of generations' experiences and needs which could contribute to a high level of an active, creative and quality life. With this concept, the institution is opening a new model of the educational and social approach that represents the answer to the social problems concerning the alienation of the older generation from the flow of life and the young generation from the roots of the past.

To this end, we are developing and fostering our own intergenerational pedagogy and social welfare. The institution has recently been developing modern approaches of teaching, including the usage of the interactive boards and has been spreading them throughout the Slovenian territory. In 2011, we began implementing a 1:1 pedagogy in our classes. Now, our experience is transferred to the 10 Slovenian schools that began with the pedagogy of 1:1. For this purpose we have established some global goals which may serve as guidance for the further work and development:
• To reduce the digital border and to foster digital justice and e-engagement of all generations,
• To increase the competences of the 21st century (critical thinking, creativity, the ability to solve problems, ...)
• To improve the success and competitiveness of our students
• To improve the process of teaching and learning of our teachers
• To develop a new culture of teaching based on the informational communication technology with a student being in the centre (flexibility, personalisation, different styles of teaching combined).

The vision of the institution within the next 5 years is to continue with the recognisability on the Slovenian territory as being a renowned intergenerational centre and the first innovative school in Slovenia that connects all generations with the help of innovative approaches and informational communication technologies. We also want to give attention to development of the self-initiative and ingenuity which represent the ability of individuals to put their ideas into practice with the aim to motivate as many young as possible to develop their own entrepreneurial ideas that would receive a positive response on the market. We are aware of the fact that it is necessary to develop above all innovative and creative environment for the incubation of ideas (student incubator).